Wireless Networking Issues

SAM Wireless Network

Many people regularly come across problems with network connections.This chapter of Wiki will give you all the necessary information about how to manage the Wireless connection to the network from your PC or Laptop in SAM Linux OS. The information can also be used for other Linux distributions.
First of all to get connected to the wifi,we will install the driver for your card.

There are some ways to do that in SAM,which differ from Windows:

  1. With the help of virtual program "Ndiswrapper"
a.Windows uses the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) as a standardized method for the operating system to communicate with the NIC driver software from various manufacturers.
b.The Linux ndiswrapper software suite, SAM developers took care to install it on SAM for you, allows you to run your Windows NIC card's drivers under SAM by creating a software wrapper around the Windows driver to trick it into thinking that it is communicating with Windows and not Linux.
c.Ndiswrapper has some limitations too. It only works on hardware architectures supported by Windows, the very useful iwspy command (discussed later) isn't supported and the wrappers add a layer of software complexity that would not exist normally

In order to read an article about installing and configuring the network card with Ndiswrapper click here

2. Using RPM files

The compatibility range is therefore much wider and in cases where you need to recompile your kernel, the project's website has links to RPM packages of standard kernels with ndiswrapper support. Installation instructions on the project's web site are reasonably clear and a proficient Linux user should be able to get their NIC card working within an hour or two on their first try.

In order to read an article about installing with RPM and post-configuring the network card click RPM driver

SAM-WLAN Post Installation Steps:

a.Configuring the network card:After the RPMs are installed, you need to configure the new wlan0 wireless NIC to be compatible with your network
b.Testing the SAM-WLAN:Check is intended to see if the IP address of the wlan0 interface is okay by checking if the path to a needed gateway-address is available
c.WEP Encryption for Security:One of the flaws of wireless networking is that all the wireless clients can detect the presence of all available network SSIDs and have the option of joining any of them. With encryption, the client must have a membership encryption password that can also be represented as a series of Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) keys

The list of commands are used in configuring the wifi

manipulate the basic wireless parameters
initiates scanning and lists frequencies, bit-rates, encryption keys…
allow to get per node link quality
allow to manipulate the Wireless Extensions specific to a driver (private)
allow to name interfaces based on various static criteria

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