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Creating CD-ROM from ISO Images in Windows

Using a CD recordable drive,you can make CD-ROM from an ISO file that you downloaded from http://www.sam-linux.org.
The most frequently using program in Windows OS is Nero for burning CD and DVD disks.

Creating CD-ROMs using Deep Nero Burning Rom
(These instructions were created using Nero Express 6. Instructions for other versions may vary slightly.)

1. Start the Nero Smart Start application and select Copy and Backup and then choose Burn Image to Disc.


2. An open dialog will be displayed. Find and select the ISO image you downloaded and click Open.

3.On the next screen, verify your recording options. Typically, Nero will choose the best options for you. You should only change them if you are familiar with the program. Click Next.

4.The recording process will begin. Once it completes, click Next.


5. At the final screen, simply click Exit

6.And you can eject the burnt CD with SAM on it.

Creating CD-ROM from ISO Images in Linux

You don't need fancy programs to burn CDs in Linux. You can do it all from the command line. Here ais some quick and dirty pattern to get you started.

Writing an ISO to a CD-ROM using cdrecord

Assuming that all you want to do is create a CD based on the ISO 9660 file system standard, you can quickly burn the CD using the following command:

cdrecord -v -pad speed=1 dev=0,0,0 SAM-2007.iso

You may need to adjust the dev parameter if you are not burning with an IDE drive .In order to know what are the dev parameters try before to type in console:
cdrecord -scanbus

This will tell you to which SCSI device your CD-writer is attached to.For instance you have next parameters:

So to burn an ISO image type:

cdrecord -v -pad speed=1 dev=0,6,0  SAM-2007.iso

Burning ISO on CD using K3B

1. Download the ISO into your home directory somewhere.

2. Open up K3B.

3. Under tools, go into CD and click burn CD Image.


4. Click the folder to go into a screen where you can click on your ISO file. Do this.

5. The program will automatically do an MD5Sum check on the file. (This checks if the file has been tampered with or corrupted while downloading).K3b-image-md5a.png

6.Put a blank CD in your drive, and then click start. It is as easy as that.


Try not to have too many programs running while burning, it can mess up the burn process and ruin your blank.

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