Booting The Live CD

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Here are the pictures of the Sam booting(click on one of them and you will have a slide show):


Unlike other Live CDs Sam Linux offers choices before loading to the desktop.
To go through all steps follow the description.
1. Pop in the CD in your CD/DVD drive and boot your computer.

You will see the following options to boot :

a. LiveCd/USB means to boot from you media CD a SAM Live OS or from USB,where all the files are copide from CD.

b. VideoSafeModeFBDev or VideoSafeModeVesa

c. Safeboot it boots the system in safe mode.

d. Console trying this optiond you will be boot the console.

e. Copy2ram this option copies the files from CD to RAM and the system will start after that from your RAM and not from CD,in order to boot SAM from RAM you should have 1 GB of RAM.

f. MediaCheck means that system will check your media CD for errors or for damges.

2. Select your native language

3. If it is necessary your country.

4. Choose your keyboard layout.

5. Choose a) your timezone and b) the exact time.

6. Now you can configure your connection to the internet.

There follows six steps to setup your ethernet, as follows:
a) Choose an ethernet card
b) Set the IP address either manually or automatically
c) Set DNS Server / Name of the host
d) Method of connection (at boot or manual)
e) Option of starting the connection immediately
f) Your finished!

Alternatively you can click cancel if you do not have, or do not wish to configure an ethernet connection.

6. After that you will see the login screen. Pick guest and type the password "guest".
7. You have now successfully booted the CD and will reach the Desktop.

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